Realized Loss

Realized Loss shows the total USD losses of coins being sold at a loss.

Indicator Overview

Realized Loss denotes the total loss (USD value) of all moved coins whose price at their last movement was higher than the price at the current movement.

How is it measured?

Realized Loss is calculated by subtracting the price at the time of the current spent output creation from the price when coins were previously moved (for all spent outputs where the price when moved is lower than the price when the coins were previously moved), and summing these totals for all coins moved within the given time period.

Realized Loss=value(pricecreated [USD]pricespent [USD])(of all spent outputs where pricecreated> pricespent)\begin{align*} \textrm{Realized Loss} =\,& \textrm{value} \cdot (\textrm{price}_\textrm{created}~{\color{gray}{[\textrm{USD}]}} - \textrm{price}_\textrm{spent}~{\color{gray}{[\textrm{USD}]}}) \\ &{\color{gray}{\textrm{(of all spent outputs where price}_{\textrm{created}} >~\textrm{price}_{\textrm{spent})}}} \end{align*}


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Date Introduced

June 2020

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